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Payment and delivery terms

Terms of delivery



The tobacco products are delivered only to delivering addresses from Romania.


At order's value more than 200 lei VAT included ,the delivering costs are free.At order's value less bewtween 75-199 lei VAT included , delivering cost is 20 lei and will be payed by Purchaser.Delivering cost is with VAT( 19%) included.

We are not delivering orders under 75 lei VAT included.

The products will be sent to the address specified by the Customer/Purchaser.


 The delivery will take part in 2-3 Business days  ( Working days) from the confirmation of the order.The moment of delivering is the moment when the courier took the colets from the Seller.


If the purchaser( Buyer) does not take ( not answering to phone,the given address is not good, etc) the package , this will be returned to Seller after 7 ( seven) calendar day of the contacting's date by the Courier.The untaken package will remain for a maximum of 5 (five) calendar days at the courier's local warehouse.

The Seller is not responsible for delays, failures of parcels caused outside its will. Until the products are not paid, the ordered products will remain in the property of the Seller

The minimum value of a delivery to addresses outside of Romania is minimum 400 euro / delivery, in this case the delivery service is free of charge. For orders smaller than 400 euro / order, the delivery service is paid by the Purchaser(Buyer), with a value of 70 EUR / delivery.



Terms of price and payment:



All product prices on www.netcorso.com are expressed (with  VAT) in lei and are reported at the retail outlet (abbreviated to U.V.A.). There are products wich are only delivered in displays, in this case the display price is equal to the retail unit price multiplied with the number of products in the display.


The prices (with 19% VAT for products and services, respectively 9% for food) of the products on our page are valid also taking into account the possible human errors of introduction. If you ordered a product with the price displayed erroneously, and in the confirmed order will be another price you will be contacted by e-mail or telephone to validate your order under the new price conditions.

Payment of deliveries to delivery addresses in Romania will be made at the courier, respectively at values of over 5,000 lei with VAT included, payment will be made in advance, by bank transfer. In this case, the package is delivered after the Seller has received the counter value of the confirmed order.



Payment of deliveries to delivery addresses outside of Romania may be made to the Seller in its bank account in:

-Lei to Seller account RO52BRDE050SV88129750500 BRD Oradea SWIFT: BRDEROBU

-Euro to Seller account RO35BRDE050SV87486010500 BRD Oradea SWIFT: BRDEROBU

and the delivery of the products to the Seller shall be made after the entry of the counter value into the Seller's bank account. The exchange rate on the date of the order shall be that displayed by the National Bank of Romania.