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Terms & Conditions

Terms, definitions, use conditions 

Given the fact we wish to continuously improve our web page and that legislative modifications can be issued, please read the full version of the Terms, Definitions and Use conditions presented below each time you enter our web page. 

1. Terms and Definitions

1.1.www.netcorso.com – web page containing the products and services provided by the commercial company Netcorso SRL, a legal person registered in Romania

1.2. Seller – www.netcorso.com by Netcorso SRL, legal person registered in Romania, having its registered office in Oradea, str. Sovata nr. 14, jud. Bihor, registration number in the Bihor Trade Registry J05/1793/25.06.2017, sole registration code RO 37841223, phone number 0732-848646, e-mail address: office@netcorso.com  

1.3. User – any legal or natural person (who has turned 18 years of age), who enters, visits or becomes registered on the netcorso.com web page, according to an access account. 

1.4. Customer – legal person registering data and/or an order on www.netcorso.com. 

1.5. Purchaser (Buyer)- legal person to which an invoice was issued by Netcorso SRL. The Purchaser (Buyer) can process and use the tobacco products only by means of an employee that has turned 18 years old. The Purchaser (Buyer)declares that it is aware of that regulation and will act as such, being fully liable for meeting that requirement. 

1.6. Access account – part of the web.netcorso.com web page made up of an email address and a password (voluntarily made up by the Customer), which provides to the Customer the possibility to voluntarily send its/his/her own information and to voluntarily place orders with the Seller. 

1.7. Products and/or Services – product and/or service indicated in the web page and specified/selected in the Customer’s order, which will be supplied (in the form chosen by the Customer according to the Seller’s delivery offers) by the Seller to the Customer. 

1.8. Business days (Working days) – Business days ( Working days ) are Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. If the legal days off fall on those days, then those days will not be deemed business days ( Working days ). 

1.9. Order – an electronic information form concluded between the Customer and the Seller, by which the Customer sends to the Seller, on the web page, its voluntary wish to receive information and to purchase the products and/or services on the web page, and if it/he/she desires to purchase them, to pay for them according to the payment offers submitted by the Seller and voluntarily accepted by the Customer. 

1.10. Confirmed order – it is the order voluntarily placed by the Customer and approved by the Seller. The quantities (which depend on the product stock in the Seller’s warehouse) and the price of the products are approved by the Seller in connection to that order, which approval is valid for two business days, as well the quantities of the products in that order being prepared for delivery to the Customer. 

1.11. Agreement – it is the voluntary collaboration agreement, which is mutually favourable (the Seller sells and the Customer purchases ( buyes) the products and relies on the offer on the Seller’s web page) concluded in a remote manner, between the Seller and the Customer, without the Seller and the Customer having to be present at the same place.

1.12. Reviews – written opinion issued by the User or Customer of a product/service (or multiple products and/or services), rendered in an electronic form or provided by the netcorso.com web page.

1.13. Abusive use – it is the Customer or User using the netcorso.com web page without complying to the information indicated on the web page, the regulations and legislation in force or in any other manner that could damage the netcorso.com web page.

The Users or Customers of the netcorso.com web page are asked to use that web page only after having read in full the terms, definitions and use conditions. Subsequently, using, visiting, entering, ordering and purchasing the products and/or services on the web page will mean acceptance and observance in full of the terms and conditions set out by the administrators of the netcorso.com web page, according to the legal provisions. The administrators of this web page reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions any time, according to the legislation in force, thus that the terms, definitions and use conditions can be changed by the administrators of the web page with the aim of rendering it more effective or continuously improved. Due to that, the User or Customer is asked to read in full such terms and conditions each time it/he/she enters the web page. Each entering of the web page is the firm voluntary acceptance of the terms, definitions and use conditions by the User or Customer. 

The tobacco items sold on the www.netcorso.com web page are meant for natural persons that are at least 18 years old. By reading, understanding and accepting the Terms, Definitions and Conditions on the www.netcorso.com web page, you confirm the fact that you are at least 18 years of age, the minimum legal age for using tobacco products sold on this web page. 

2. Use conditions

2.1. Personal Data Security and Confidentiality Policy 

Netcorso online operates the next databases: 

- legal person data

- natural person data

For details on that sub-article, please read in full the page Personal data processing and protection by clicking here.

2.2. Notices and actions on the user/customer information

The Users or Customers entering the www.netcorso.com web page declare, by opening an account on www.netcorso.com web page, that they have previously read and became aware of the Regulation REGULATION no. 679 of April 27, 2016 on protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (GDPR, which stands for G eneral Data Protection Regulation European Regulation).

2.3. The databases on the legal persons and their contact information are not subject matter of GDPR because the Regulation no. 679 of April 27, 2016 provisions in item 14 that it does not apply to processing the personal data that concern legal persons, particularly the incorporated companies, including the name, type of legal person, and contact information of the legal person.

2.4. Informing the users of the modifications

If the identification data of an user or customer change or if an user or customer expresses his/her desire to alter his/her own data or wishes to waive the accessing of this web page, then the personal data of the Customer will be updated or erased, those data having been entrusted with us by the user or customer. The Customer or the administrators of the web page can perform those actions, after having received an email from the Customer sent to the email address office@netcorso.com. 

2.5. Automatically collecting non-personal data (COOKIES)

There are cases when netcorso.com collects and stores information (under the form of a Cookie or similar file), which are non-personal data, on the users or customers that enter the netcorso.com web page. Such information can refer to the browser type, operating system of the computer, and name of the website used for entering the netcorso.com web page.

The "Cookie" files collected by that manner help netcorso.com continuously improve the web page or the advertising activities corresponding to it, for better information sent to the users or customers that enter the web page. Those Cookie files previously give a warning, after which the users or customers must voluntarily allow, block or erase the Cookie files. 

2.6. Interaction with other web pages

Certain product names or descriptions on the www.netcorso.com web page connect it to other websites (for example, those belonging to the product manufacturers) or Internet networks. When using them, the Customer or User is bound to observe the use policies valid on those networks or websites. The User or Customer voluntarily and knowingly accepts the fact that Netcorso does not own and does not control those networking and websites, is not liable for and accepts no liability in connection to any such network or website and the matters that derive from using them. 

The User or Customer voluntarily accepts to enter any Internet networks or websites exclusively at its/his/her own risk, while knowing the matters that might derive from their incorrect use. 

2.7. Online sale manner

Any information in the product and/or service description on the web page is used only for presentation purposes.

The promotions / offers on the web page are valid for the period indicated on that web page and are valid as long as stocks last.

Seeing the prices and placing the order require that the administrator of the web page has given its approval, an action that can last up to three business days. 

The administrator of netcorso.com can refuse to allow someone to enter the web page.

The Seller and Customer communicate by email or by phone (during the business days), in one of the manners presented by the Seller.

The Seller confirms the Customer’s order by email. 

The Customer voluntarily chooses the delivery and payment manner, according to the options provided by the Seller.

The Customer that has refused to take over two orders, which have been delivered according to its/his/her voluntary choice (types and quantities of products, delivery and payment manner), which the Seller has confirmed, will have his user account erased by the administrator of the web page.

The prices of the products ordered are valid for two business days as of the date when the ordered was confirmed. 

The unconfirmed ordered are not subject matter of the agreement and no agreement applies to them as collaboration.

By placing an order, the User or Customer declares that it/he/she has become aware of the use manner of the products it/he/she has voluntarily ordered, and it/he/she has no claim on the manner of using the products ordered, after taking over the products ordered.

2.8. Making and placing an order

The Customer can voluntarily place an order, by 

- choosing the products, quantities and corresponding prices 

- choosing the delivery and payment manner 

- indicating the address for having the ordered products delivered. 

By completing and sending an order, the Customer declares in an unequivocal manner that all its/his/her data are correct and genuine. 

2.9. Transferring the product ownership 

Until the Customer pays the full price of the products (according to the payment manner the User or Customer has voluntarily chosen and the Seller has confirmed), the products remain the property of Netcorso SRL.

2.10. Obligations of the Seller

The Seller is bound to supply to the Customer the products and services according to the Customer’s ordered, which the Seller has confirmed.

The Seller is bound to attach to the delivered items the accompanying documents required for  an adequate delivery. 

The Seller is bound to be financially liable only up to the value of the delivered items paid by the Customer, but which it/he/she has not taken over. 

2.11. Price of the products

The prices of the products and services on the www.netcorso.com web page are in Lei and are VAT exclusive. 

The prices of the products in the Customer’s order, which the Seller has confirmed, remain valid for the quantity in the order confirmed by it. 

Netcorso reserves the right to amend at all times the prices of the products that are not included in a confirmed order. 

2.12. Product stock

The quantity of products in the Order confirmed by the Seller is at the disposal of the Purchaser for two business days as of the time when the order was confirmed, time when the Customer can waive those quantities. If such two events occur, the Seller can decide to erase that Customer from its database. 

2.13. Tobacco products delivery

The tobacco products will be delivered only to the Customers having delivery addresses in Romania.

3. Overview

3.1. Force majeure

None of the parties will be liable for not executing its contractual obligations if such a fact was caused by a force majeure event, according to the legislation in force.

3.2. Newsletter subscription

The Users and Customers of the www.netcorso.com web page can acquire a subscription to the newsletter sent by email from www.netcorso.com, but they can waive that subscription at any time.

3.3. Product return 

The Government Ordinance no. 130/2000 article 7 paragraph 1 regulates the legal status of the remote agreements and provisions a ten business days-term of terminating the remote agreement. By considering the legislation concerned, the Seller takes over the products that the Customer wishes to return in an original package and with their accompanying, purchase and payment documents, if the Customer has sent its termination notice by email sent to the email address office@netcorso.com in ten business day as of the date when it/he/she has taken over the products.

The Customer’s notice sent to the Seller must comprise the next mandatory information:

- number and date of the order

- number and date of the invoice issued by the Seller

- date when the package was sent to the Customer, which the delivery document states 

- total value of the invoice

If the Customer surpasses the notice term indicated above, it will be deemed that the products will not be retuned anymore and the Seller will be in that case exonerated of any obligation.

The return expenses will be borne by the Customer and the equivalent value of the retuned products will be reimbursed in maximum 30 (thirty) business days as of the date when the items were returned.

In the case of the items returned by the Customer after having sent a notice according to those indicated above, the Seller will record a video when taking over the products from the returned package, and if the packages of the products are damaged, it will send those products back to the Customer. 

3.4. Copyright

The www.netcorso.com web page is owned by Netcorso. Copying or using the data on that web page can take place only after having the written consent of Netcorso SRL. 

3.5. Product stock

The quantity of products in the Order confirmed by the Seller is at the disposal of the Purchaser for two business days as of the time when the order was confirmed, time when the Customer can waive those quantities. If such two events occur, the Seller can decide to erase that Customer from its database. 

3.6. Complaints, applicable legislation

The complaints and suggestions are accepted only if sent in writing to the email address office@netcorso.com in which the person submitting them provides the next identification data:

- natural person, by his/her name, surname, domicile address in his/her identification document, and phone number, 

- legal person, with the identification data from the Trade Registry.

Netcorso SRL will analyze the complaints and suggestions and the analysis results will be made known to the person concerned in 30 (thirty) business days as of the date when he/she has sent that complaint or suggestion by email.

The Romanian legislation and romanian language ( as official language in Romania) applies to the agreement. The litigations deriving from or in connection to that remote agreement, which cannot be solved in an amicable manner, will be solved by the courts of law from the area where Netcorso has its registered headquarter.

Tomanian legislation references:

- Law no. 31 of 1990 on the commercial companies, as it was republished and updated;

- Government Emergency Ordinance no. 34 of 2014 on the rights of consumers;

- Law no. 544 of 2001 on the free access to public concern information;

- Law no. 109 of 2007 on reusing the information from the public institutions;

- EU Directive no. 37 of 2013 on reusing the public domain information 

-    on copyright 

-    on agreements 

REGULATION no. 679 of April 27, 2016 on protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/CE (General Data Protection Regulation).