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Personal data processing and protection


1. Overview

The specifications below apply to the netcorso.com web page managed by the company Netcorso SRL with office in Oradea str. Sovata nr. 14.

For maintaining your data confidential and safe, we are hereby presenting the specifications below that rely on the legislation force, which is Regulation no. 679 of April 27, 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data. 

The specifications below are meant to inform you on processing your personal data during the time you use the netcorso.com web page.


2. Processed data categories

2.1. Databases on legal persons and their contact information are not subject matter of the Regulation no. 679 of April 22, 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data because that regulation indicates in item 14 that it does not apply to the personal data that concern the legal persons and particularly, the incorporated companies, including their names, type of legal person, and contact data of the legal person. 

The contact information in the databases of the legal persons refer only to the legal persons and do not belong to the contact natural persons of the legal persons. As consequence, the processed contact information do not refer to the natural persons, are anonymous, do not require identification and will be dealt with as such according to paragraph 26 and article 11 of the regulation mentioned above.

If a natural person claims certain contact information connected to legal persons as being strictly person, they must provide additional details allowing identification and respectively, to prove that the information concerned belong to him/her for exercising his/her rights to access, rectify, erase, restrict and transfer them

The contact information connected to legal persons that will be proven as being personal data will be restricted without any exception from being processed because the personal contact data are not accepted in the databases of the legal persons.

Legal person shareholders and directors

Given that the identification and contact information of the legal persons, even the names of the contact persons (shareholders) registered in the Trade Registry are public information, it is deemed that the right to inform, process and reuse the information in the public domain provisioned by law allows the legal processing of such data.

The shareholders and directors are entitled to oppose and are able to submit erase and restrict petitions on their own name, and after their identity is verified (by sending an identification document), according to paragraph 64 of the regulation mentioned above, the information on shareholders and directors is processed while legally relying on the public and legitimate interest. 

2.2. Databases on natural person users 

For the data categories concerning the (natural person) users, Netcorso processes the next minimum data:

- mandatory data: surname and first name, permanent residence address, email address, phone number, IP address, cookies, Google ID

- optional: personal photograph, present and previous jobs, education. 


3. Purposes and reasons for processing the personal data of natural persons

The personal data belonging to the natural persons are collected directly from the Users and Clients, by them voluntarily filling in their access account information. Data processing relies on the voluntary consent of the person that registers the account, which can be voluntarily activated or deactivated by the person that registered the account. 

Collecting and processing the personal data are required for

- online access to the web page, account maintenance, user, client, and purchaser registration;

- providing notices on the products, services, prices, orders, delivery manners, novelties that appear on the web page; 

- processing the orders, products, services from our web page; 

- ensuring the security of information according to the legislation in force; 

- the users and clients participating in various promotions, discounts, seminars, events organized by Netcorso SRL, by which you are giving you consent to participate in or whether you wish to waive such activities;

- sending news (newsletter) or information by email, on paper, by post mail, by phone; 

- collecting data if you want to work for Netcorso SRL;

- observing the legislation in force.

3.1. Rights of the users and clients 

The users of the web page are natural or legal persons that have created an access account on the web page, by such access remotely accepting the contractual conditions indicated in the “Terms and conditions” section, thus that they agreed with processing their personal data for the purposes mentioned above. 

Rights ensured to the users and clients:

- right to be informed-  you can request information on the manner of processing your personal data. Any User or Customer can receive free of charge (up to one request per year), by submitting a written petition, bearing and date and signature, sent to the address indicated, the confirmation of the fact that the data belonging to him/her are processed or not by the operator. Such request is free of charge; charges will apply to other subsequent requests, which the user will be made known in advance. 

- right to access the user account;

- right to rectify and erase: The users and customers can modify their personal data connected to their access account; they are entitled to request the free of charge rectification, update, block or total or partial erase of their own data. The requests on erasing the data will be implemented given that there are no legal provisions binding our company to keep such data for a period of time while complying with the legislation in force; 

- right to be forgotten when the Users can erase their access account and their personal data connected to it;

- right to transfer the data when the Users can save/print their personal data in an external file; 

- right to restrict the processing. The Users can suspend their access account and the data of the suspended accounts are restricted from being processed; 

- right to oppose. The Users are entitled to oppose the processing of their personal data for certain purposes; 

- right to withdraw the consent is exercised by suspending or erasing the account; 

- right to submit a complaint to the National Authority for Monitoring the Personal Data Processing;

- additional rights corresponding to the automated decisions by asking a human intervention in connection to that processing, respectively providing an opinion on it and submitting an appeal against that decision.

In connection to those indicated above, the users can submit petitions in writing, to office@netcorso.com (please refer to the petition form) to the administrator, or by post mail, by a registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt. They will receive a reply in maximum 30 (thirty) business days.

If the users are dissatisfied with the manner of observing their rights connected to processing the data, they can submit a complaint to the National Authority for Monitoring the Personal Data or can go before the courts of law.


4. Term of processing data

In the case of Users and Customers, the data are processed throughout the entire term of the contractual relation, as long as the account is active, but not more than 5 (five) years according to the legal obligations that the company Netcorso has (e.g., in the case of the financial-accounting substantiation documents for which the keeping term provisioned by the legislation is 10 years as of the completion of the financial year during which they have been drafted).

If you deactived that account and wish that your personal data connected to it be erased, than those data will be erased or rendered anonymous, thus that you will not be identified in our data systems, except for the legal cases and for our legitimate interest (e.g., in the case of the possible assignment of shares belonging to Netcorso SRL, certain data will be conveyed to the auditors, according to the legislation force).


5. Manner of erasing the data

- the data marked for being erased will be restricted from all processing and will be finally erased, according to the legislation in force; 

- data unused in the accounts will be automatically deleted after 2 (two) years of not being used; 

- wrong data in the accounts will be erased biannually. 


6. Unblinding of personal data

The personal data can be sent and processed by third parties, which have concluded an agreement with Netcorso:

- courier companies;  

- IT companies operated our web page; 

- companies specialized in sending newsletters. Those companies will receive your email address for being able to subscribe for newsletters; 

- according to the legislation in force.


7. Sending data to the authorities

Some of the personal data will be sent to the public authorities or institutions and to the judicial authorities concerned according to the legal requirements.


8. Transferring the personal data 

Netcorso does not transfer personal data to

- any customer of Netcorso;

- any advertising, marketing or promotion company. 


You can click here for the entire version of REGULATION no. 679 of April 27, 2016 on protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/CE (General Data Protection Regulation).