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Chewing tobacco

The easiest used tobacco product was the tobacco leaf itself.Why?


Thousand years ago the american indigens went to hunt or wars, during these activities they needed food for energy supply ,far away from their homes.


In the tropical forests grew different fruits,plants tried ,used generations long, wich filtered, chosed those frutis,plants wich were good for their every day consumption,without special preparation and easy to find them in nature to be transported. 


One of these plants were also the tobacco wich was everywhere on those islands ,  grewing in the unpoluted nature.At each 3-4 hours they break leaf , put in their mouth and cheawed and this move repeated when remained no nicotine in the leaf.


If during the battles they were hurted  and having severe pains they put tobacco leafs on the wound wich cicatrize itself  and chewed 3-4 leafs to amortize their pains


After the appearence of rafts,boats,kayaks their users chewed tobacco during their stay on water till they didn't fished some marine animals.


After the end of XV-th century ,the tobacco entered in Europe and in the first centuries from its appearence on old continent:

  • -the sailors from spanish,skandinavian,germn,holland,british,italian ships chewed the tobacco during their sea activity.For this main  reason this tradition is also alive in the big harbours of Europe.
  • -the mercenaries used it ( chewed the tobacco leaf or smoke it the pipe) during the wars or sold it to th inhabitants but most they made barter with other goods because the tobacco itself  was a hard currency good to buy with it all kind of goods.Also these mercenaries had a big role ( together with the merchants) to spread the tobacco on old continent
  • -the men chewed the tobacco from the pipes , because sometimes they had to throw out the tobacco from pipe but because it was so expensive better they chewed it
  • Chewing tobacco Oliver Twist Tropical
  • Chewing tobacco Oliver Twist Arctic
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