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The best tobacco is from central America, where the clime ( warm,moisture) and soil ( several plants are putrefying themselves in the soil) are ideal for this plant .

From the islands of central America ( Tobago,Antila) this plant spread itself  (first of all though selfpolination ) ,through thousand years, to both America ( North,South) and after 1492 ( when the spanish sailors discovered the central America islands)  the merchants,mercenaries spread it to Europe,Asia,Africa.

The inhabitants from America ,used the tobacco , since thousand years ( testified by drawings from caves, piramids and arheological sites) used it as, 

  • -smoking object to kill the mosquitos, hornets wich were,are a lot near rivers, in the jungles,swamps where the inhabitants had their homes
  • -medicinal plant( to cure their ilnesses,injuries ) ,
  • -to fill to their pipes ( smoking it at the fire before they gone to sleep) ,
  • -rituals before wars, hunt,mistycal events
  • -nourishment ( when they gone to hunt break a leaf and chew it )
  • Through millenniums the tobacco was the raw material for the nowadays known products:
  • -chewing tobacco
  • -cigars
  • -pipe tobacco
  • -mixture part for water pipe 
  • -cigarillos
  • -fine cut
  • -cigarettes