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The rolling tobacco has  certain width ranges ( between 0,80 mm and 1,50 mm) of cut of tobacco leaf, otherwise could not be rolled.It started to be very popular in the first world war when the soldiers rolled the fine cut in all kind of papers, newspapers or special cigarettes papers .

There are several blends ( shag) of tobacco  using different tobaccos, curing styles and cutting types.

Since 20.05.2016  in European Union it is forbidden ( see Directive  2014/40/EU of European parliament and of the council of 3 April 2014  ) to produce ,on industrial scale, and to sell in shops  flavoured ( other than tobacco flavour) fine cuts.

There are many types of rolling tobacco blends ( blend means in dutch shag ) , in following the most  :

  • -American blend(shag ) is a mixture of tobaccos and air cured Burley.
  • -Halfzware, (in english half heavy) in Dutch , is a combination of Light and Zware shag.
  • -Zware, ( in English means heavy) in Dutch , consists mainly of fire cured Latakia, Kentucky, and air cured Paraguay tobacco leafs.
  • -Virginia or Light blends are mainly made from Virginia tobacco.
  • -Smooth adds Georgia tobaccos to a Virginia(Light ) blend ( shag).
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