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Cigars and cigarillos

The tobacco cigars , appeared ten thousand years ago thanks to:

  • -fire, without it also today we chew the tobacco.Hundred thousand years ago homo sapiens got fire not only from the lighthing  but igniting it ( very often during hours) with the help of wood, stone .and then used it as one the most important element of human civilazation
  • -mosquitos , hornets wich were a lot in the jungles , swamps where lived the inhabitants.The natives chewed the tobacco leaf  and some thousand years ago one of them took a tobacco leaf, rolled it , ignited it and started to move it arround his body ( covered from hundreds of mosquitos,hornets) and sometimes inhalated one of the cigar's end to create more smoke on the other end of it ,to make more smoke against mosquitos.After some minutes were no more mosquitos on its body and also the other indigens started to use  ,as very efficient method ( how many minutes could we resist with, let say, 100 mosquitos climbing up and down on our body ??), the cigar.These habit spread very rapidly in America , where tobacco was everywhere in nature.So, in 1492 the spanish sailors have seen the indigens, without clothes and with fire and smoke in front of their face:

So appeared the cigars, wich during the thousand years started their evolution to their nowadays qualities and forms.A big increase, soar in the quality,shapes of cigars took part after 1492 when more rich european people ordered cigars with higher quality ,different shapes and trade marks.

The cigars could be classified after:

  • -size ( diameter and length)
  • -shape
  • -type of producing( manual or with machines) 
  • -flavour( natural tobacco or different other flavours)

A cigar has three parts:

  • -wrapper ( at those produced with machines could be also tobacco paper)
  • -binder ( at those produced with machines could be also tobacco paper)
  • -filler


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