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House of Oliver Twist

House of Oliver Twist

House of Oliver Twist

Tradition since 1805!! Why from 1805 ? A product wich is consumed ,uninterrupted, since more than 200 years !  

How was born this product ?

Lets travel to the past till 1800 and stop in Kopenhagen,near the shore in a pub full with the sailor's  pipe smoke , whom are waiting to sail on the sea to fish, bring back from different other lands  coffee,tea, tobacco,wood ,raw materials .

Somewhere near the wall ,at one table ,are sitting some merchants delecting themselves with a tasty beer , their pipes warming their hands, telling each other the day's activity and how to make profit from everything. One of them is looking more carrefully to the sailors's moves,bodies, habit ,thinking what to manufacture for the biggest employees group ( in a country with more than 7.000 km shore) from those times.In one moment a captain is entering in the pub, with a voice as a thunder is calling the sailors to the ship.After this calling in pub became a big quiet, the last beer drops were drunk, the pipe tobacco ( very expensive also in those times )  thrown out  from pipes or put ,together with ash, in the sailors's mouth, good to be chewed also in the windy , rainy weather from the sea. In the time when the sailors are running out from pub, trough  head of one of merchants , named Peter Abraham Bock , is passing the idea, the sailors wouldn't throw the tobacco because he will manufacture for them a chewing tobacco ,from the best tobacco leafs , wich could be used everywhere , till the last drop, without wasting tobacco !

So ,after years of thinking, was born, in 1805 , the chewing tobacco , manufactured in Kopenhagen ! Since that time till today , many generations from scandinavian countries are using ,apreciating it !!





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